Shakespeare Festival

(Photo by hartlandmartin)

The Shakespeare Festival kicks off today, just in time for Carnival weekend, and offers a variety of activities related to the playwright. Theatre of course, but also Shakespearian walks and bike rides, music, acting classes and more.

The festival takes place until the 16th of February around different city venues. It is divided into performances, which will take place at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Teatro Shakespeare and Anfiteatro Eva Perón in Parque Centenario; Shakespearean walks, which take place in Costanera Sur, are 3,5 km long and include a representation of Hamlet; a touristic Shakespearian bike ride that will take participants to different architectural landmarks in the city whilst stopping to read and act fragments of Othello; acting classes, including seminars by Rebecca Gould and Richard Twyman, and finally a special function of Romeo and Juliet for Valentines day. The full program is available here.

All activities are free of charge on a first come first serve basis until full capacity is reached. To attend workshops, Shakespeare walks and bike rides you must sign up previously here.

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