Valentines Day Tasting Menu at HG Restaurant


Hernán Gipponi Restaurant is known for it’s delectable tasting menus and for this Valentines Day the restaurant’s renowned chef has created a mouth watering feast under the slogan cocina para enamorar (cuisine to win over hearts).

The menu’s eight steps to love begin with homemade breads and flavored butters and oils and, to tease the palate, a taste of cured halibut with cucumber, apples and fennel and a serving of humita with tomato sauce and capsicum from Cachi.  Taste buds should be waking by the time the prawn, tomato and carrot salad is served and rejoicing at the sweetbread entree that comes after with quinoa, summer squash and milk from the aguaribay tree. Full blown infatuation are on cue by the time the two main courses make their way to the table; catch of the day with smoked puree, baby squid and onions, and veal cheeks, stout, pumpkin and peppers. Finally, if you still need some convincing by the time the pre-dessert of yacaratía (an Argentine tree with an edible trunk), with blue goat cheese and plums arrives, then pistachios, chocolate, peaches, raspberries, coffee and petit fours should be enough to have you proclaiming your undying love to Hernán, the waiter, your charming date and anyone else who you might cross paths with.

The Valentines Day menu, which includes coffee, water, and Escorihuela Gascón wine pairings, costs 300 pesos. Places must be booked in advance at 3220-6820.

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