Creme de la Creme Tours

(Photo by byfer / Fernando Ocaña)

Buenos Aires is a great city for shopping as there is something for every taste and at Creme de la Creme Tours they know this and have put together several different options for visitors looking to land in the perfect shopping spots.

They offer four tours, Savvy, Souvenir, Offbeat and Artscene.

The Savvy tour is perfect for travelers who want to head straight into the Argentine designer scene. (BAF Week is coming up for this crowd of tourist fashionistas too, so stay tuned. )

As the name implies, Souvenir is for buying typical Argentine products such as mate gourds, leather, silver and more. The great thing about this tour is that it allows for instant access to quality souvenirs, while avoiding tourist scams.

Offbeat is for the eccentric spirits who are on the quest for great vintage finds. Buenos Aires is a great spot for this and Creme de la Creme doesn’t stop at clothes but also includes books, records and more on their tour.

Finally, the Artscene tour is the perfect way to get to know the who is who in contemporary local art.

To book a tour, contact Creme de la Creme at

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