Check-in: Craig Le Grice

Craig Le Grice is from London, and first visited Buenos Aires in February 2011.  A global director for an advertising network, he talks about his check-in and check-out experience in Argentina.

checkin craig1. What brought you to Buenos Aires?

I first travelled for business, working in the city for a week. I’ve been back subsequently for work and pleasure.

2. Reveal a secret you unearthed about the city while you were here!

It’s not a secret but my tip to everyone is to always explore Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay while they’re there – and upgrade to Primera class to enjoy comfortable chairs and Champagne!

3. Which is your favourite BA neighbourhood and why?

I love all of Palermo and will always choose to stay there. But the neighbourhood that captured my heart was San Telmo

4. How would you spend the perfect day in BA?

Long breakfasts, long lunches, long dinners, long nights partying. Padded out with shopping, swimming, sightseeing and speaking Spanish!

5. What did you appreciate the most about the Fierro when you stayed there?
I loved three things most of all: the beautiful design; the amazing service and friendly staff; and the delicious menu at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant.G_brunch-15

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