Autumn/Winter Fashion at BAF Week

(Photo by kevin.j)

Summer is coming to an end and that means getting ready to flaunt coats, sweaters and scarves.  Starting today, the latestest trends for the cold dark months to come will be on display at La Rural during the first BAF week of the year.

For this edition of Buenos Aires Fashion Week, designers paired up with illustrators, combining  the two disciplines. The designer/illustrator pairs are Cora Groppo and Naomi Preizler; Noelia Miguenz and Andy Mermet; Emilse Benitez and Valeria Boquete; Mariana Dappiano and Hebe Gardes; Garza Lobos and Gabi Piserchia; Nev and Federico Rozo; Martín Churba and Clara Zuleta Ferrari; Evangelina Bomparola and Pablo Bernard; Vero Ivaldi and Nik  and Kostume and Patricio Oliver.

What can we expect for the seasons to come? deep blues, bright greens and malbec bordeaux, and all sorts of fabrics including tulles, jacquard and more.

 Find the full list of runway shows here.

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