Grete Stern at the MALBA

(Photo by TheFutureIsUnwritten)

The MALBA is showcasing a new exhibit until the 1st of July on the work of Grete Stern.  The German/Argentine photographer began her prolific career in Berlin during the 30’s but the combination of living under the Nazi regime and meeting her Argentine husband led her to migrate first to London and then to Buenos Aires where she finally made her home.

In Buenos Aires she worked for different magazines including SUR and Idilio, a publication on psychoanalysis.  Whilst in Idilio, Stern produced a series of photomontages depicting the dreams that readers sent in to be analyzed. The oneiric images from this period are the protagonists of the exhibition.

The MALBA opens from midday to 8pm and is closed on Tuesdays.  On Wednesdays, the ticket is half price and the museum opens until 9pm.  Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta. 4808-6500.

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