Easter Brunch at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant

The long Easter weekend is the perfect excuse for leisurely brunching and the best place in Buenos Aires for sweet and savory indulgence is Hernán Gipponi Restaurant where special Easter brunch will be offered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On all three days, the brunch will feature a light entree of breads, juices, and fruit followed by egg in creamy carrot puree and tomato basil broth.  After that, some delicious tapas including shrimp and baby squid, prepared differently each day, and mackerel empanadas on Friday, spinach puffs on Saturday and goat cheese with mango chutney on Sunday, will set the tone for the rest of the deliciousness to come.

On Friday the main courses will consist of creamy rice with mussels and mushrooms and catch of the day with potatoes au gratin, and fresh greens with arugula oil.  On Saturday, the same fish main course will be served and also chicken breast with curry crème, sweet potatoes and red cabbage. Finally on Sunday, after the catch of the day, the moment of breaking lent will arrive with a delicious lamb in curry sauce, and sweet potatoes and red cabbage.

A deep red berry soup with vanilla ice cream and sable breton promises to end brunch on a sweet note.

On Saturday and Sunday, brunch is 150 pesos per person and on Sunday it is 200 pesos and includes a glass of premium Patritti wine.  Book your place in advance at 3220 6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.


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