On the Argentine Easter Table: Rosca de Pascuas

(Photo by OpenMinder)

Just like Christmas has its characteristic menu so does Easter and in Argentina, aside from chocolate Easter eggs of course, and juicy asados to break lent, a typical sweet pastry of the season is Rosca de Pascua (or Easter roll). It’s origins are Spanish and it consists of a ring shaped sweet bread filled traditionally with pastry crème although there are many varieties, some with almonds and marzipan, others with chocolate, and very argie versions with dulce de leche.

Some of the best places to get your roscas include Abadía Santa Escolástica which offers 5 different varieties including the traditional simple pastry-crème filled rosca, one with plums and pastry crème, with dulce de leche, marzipan and pastry crème and a chocolate version. Sugar & Spice also makes a great rosca with almond filling. Finally Plaza Mayor is another classic city spot to get perfect roscas and they offer the traditional pastry crème rosca as well as one with marzipan, quince jam, sweet potato jam and crunchy almonds, one with marzipan, nuts and chocolate chips and one with marzipan, nuts and raisins.

Abadía Santa Escolástica: Libertad 1240, 1st floor, Recoleta. 4519-8016

Sugar & Spice: Guatemala 5415, Palermo.  4777-5423

Plaza Mayor: Venezuela 1399, Downtown. 4383-0788



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