New Contemporary Art Exhibit at Fundación PROA

(Photo by lgerghi)

Fundación PROA in La Boca inaugurated a new exhibit this past weekend featuring contemporary art from the nineties to today. The exhibition showcases Gustavo Bruzzone’s private collection of nineties art, Esteban Tedesco’s collection of the early 2000’s and Alejandro Ikonicoff’s collection of works from the last five years.

The art center also inaugurated a collective art installation by Esteban Álvarez, Pablo Rosales and Cristina Schiavi in which the artists incorporated the traditional La Boca facade aesthetic to Fundación Proa’s architecture.

Fundación PROA is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca.

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by andre.leal)

Stop by the MALBA in Recoleta and get a glimpse of the Latin American modern art scene of Grete Stern and Adriana Varejao’s work. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta.

In the evening don’t miss out on La Bomba del Tiempo, a percussion orchestra that has become one of the local absolute musts.  For some great post dancing pizza, head to nearby Los Cocos and order a fugazetta pizza, an onion and mozzarella local specialty. Los Cocos- Córdoba, Av. 3303, Almagro


(Photo by “Out Shooting” photos 🙂)

Get a general overview of the city  on one of the free walking tours led by Jonathan, an Englishman in love with BA! Tours start at 11am at the center of Plaza Italia by the Garibaldi Horse monument and cover the areas of Almagro, Congress and Plaza de Mayo using local transport to get around. More information here.

Later on, don’t miss the party in San Telmo in celebration of  Prince William-Alexander and Maxima Zorriegueta’s crowning . The celebration will combine typical cuisine and drinks from Holland and Argentina, late-night dancing, and a lot of orange. The party begins at 9pm at Boutique San Telmo, Peru 535. Tickets are 200 pesos in advance and 250 pesos on the day of the party and include food and drinks throughout the night. More information here.


(Photo by WalshTD)

The Recoleta cemetery is one of the city’s most popular attractions and for good reason. Nearby is the Palais de Glace in Recoleta where a great new photography exhibit is being displayed. Posadas 1795, Recoleta.

Later on stop by La Catedral in Almagro where you can take a tango lesson staring at 7.30 pm or 9pm. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro.


(Photo by ohocheese)

Head to the annual book fair that is taking place at La Rural in Palermo until the 13th of May. The fair’s theme this year is Books as Bridges and there will be a special focus on Dutch literature. More information here.

At 8.30pm there will be a piano concerto by Pascal Rogé at the Colón Theatre featuring pieces by Schumann and Poulenc amongst others. Tickets here.


(Photo by su-lin)

Book your place for a special lunch with the Argentine Experience who will give you the 411 on everything local and feed you great Argie meat and more! They also organize mate and dulce de leche tastings. More information here.

In the evening, stop by Fierro´s Thank Fierro its Friday Happy Hour from 6pm to 8.30 pm and then head to one of the best speakeasies in the city! Soler 5862, Palermo. 3220-6800. postponed due to rain.

Saturday and Sunday


(Photo by Roger Schultz)

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.

On Sunday morning, starting at 11am, violins and cellos will be filling the Colón Theatre with music by Alexander Borodin and Bedrich Smetana. More information here.

Tales of the Cocktail Tour

(Photo by Kenn Wilson)

Tales of the Cocktail Tour kicks off this Sunday until Tuesday the 30th of April and promises three days of happy drinking and fun. The festival, which arrives for the first time to Buenos Aires, includes seminars, events and a tour of bars around the city.

The event begins on Sunday with a welcome asado at Estancia La Alameda and later a bar hop to some of the best BA nightspots  where renowned city bartenders mix and match their magic potions.

On Monday, attendees may pick three out of six seminars by cocktail industry experts (conferences will be in English with Spanish  translations), to be followed by a tango show with special cocktails at Palacio Alsina.

Finally, on Tuesday, to end the tour and the month with a kick, there will be a New Orleans brunch with typical cuisine and cocktails.

Tickets to the event are 135 dollars and reserving in advance is recommended.

More information here.

Argentine Pastries

(Photo by Xiaozhuli)

We’re not sure what the consumption of medialunas per capita is in Argentina, but we’re guessing it’s pretty high and right up there with meat. So, it’s no surprise that Buenos Aires (and practically every other Argentine city and town) is scattered with panaderias (bakeries).  Of course, being bakeries, their specialties include bread, cakes and pastries, like anywhere else in the world. However, as each place has its own twist on sugar and starch we’ve put together a list of typical pastries to sample next time you’re near a neighborhood carb-dispenser.

Medialunas: Hands down, the most popular pastry is this crescent shaped slightly sweet croissant. There are two types: de grasa (made with lard) or de manteca (made with butter). The first is crunchier and thin, the second puffy and moist.

Vigilantes: These pastries made mostly from butter are generally covered with quince jam and custard and sprinkled with sugar on top.

Bolas de Fraile: The Benedictine’s came up with this pastry in the XV century after searching for a sweet representation of the absolute. Perfection however didn’t come along until the Argies filled them with dulce de leche.

Cañoncitos de Dulce de Leche: The cylindrical shaped puff pastries filled with rich dulce de leche and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar are the ultimate sugar high for those that like it really sweet.

Churros: These crunchy fried pastries are dusted in sugar, sometimes filled with dulce de leche, and occasionally coated in chocolate. They pair best with hot chocolate in winter at one of these places.

Pastelitos: Prepared for national festivities, these crunchy sweet indulgences are filled with quince or sweet-potato paste.

As a curious side fact, anarchist bakers named many of the pastries in the nineteenth century alluding to the different powers in a gesture of ridicule. Such is the case of the vigilante (which means guard), bola de fraile (monk balls), and cañoncito (cannon).

(find a review  by our friend Allie Lazar of the best Buenos Aires panaderias here.)

Everything Dutch

(Photo by spike55151)

With Prince William-Alexander and Maxima’s coronation coming up next week, Holland is in the midst of preparations for the festivities, and Buenos Aires is also focusing on everything Dutch.

The annual international book fair, which will take place from tomorrow until the 13th of May, has made Amsterdam its guest city in the fair and will be featuring the Amsterdam Café where different Dutch authors will be presenting books. Also, there will be exhibits of Vincent Van Gogh’s letters to Theo and illustrators works, amongst others.

From the 24th of April to the 5th of May, the Dutch experimental music ensemble, Modelo62, will tour the country, stopping by Buenos Aires and Córdoba to stage free live shows and host other activities including seminars and a composition contest. Find the full program here.

On the 30th of April, on the day of the coronation, there will be a party in San Telmo to celebrate the royal event. The celebration will combine typical cuisine and drinks from Holland and Argentina, late-night dancing, and a lot of orange. The party begins at 9pm at Boutique San Telmo, Peru 535. Tickets are 200 pesos in advance and 250 pesos on the day of the party and include food and drinks throughout the night. More information here.

Buenos Aires International Book Fair 2013

(Photo by murphyeppoon)

The 2013 Feria Internacional del Libro (international book fair) kicks of this Thursday topping off April’s full cultural agenda.  The annual fair is the world’s largest Spanish speaking book fair and displays over 1,500 exhibitors from around the globe.

Each year the event has a different theme. This year it is “Books as Bridges” and there will be a special section dedicated to Dutch literature, illustration and publishing called the Amsterdam Café. Here, different Dutch authors will present books and there will also be exhibits of Vincent Van Gogh’s letters to Theo, the best-designed books from Holland, and more.

Also, as every year, there will be a host of renowned international authors who will be speaking about their craft and signing books. Amongst this year’s guests are Nobel Prize winner John Coetzee, Leonardo Padura from Cuba, Spanish author Arturo Pérez Reverte, Russian artist and author Vladimir Sorokin; Laura Esquivel, Rosa Montero and others.

On Thursday evening, as part of the fair’s inaugural events, there will be free access from 9pm-1am and there will be a special concert by star Brazilian Bossa artist Toquinho.

Tickets to the fair are 20 pesos on weekdays and 30 on weekends. The fair is open from 2pm-9pm from Monday to Thursday, from 2pm-10pm on Fridays, from 1pm-10pm on Saturday’s and from 1pm-9pm on Sundays and national holidays. The full program is available here.

This Week in Buenos Aires


(Photo by s3rgio.e)

Celebrate Earth Day by taking a day trip to Tigre, a town in the outskirts of the city set on an island lined by small rivers and streams. Enjoy nature and the variety of attractions this location offers including canoeing, kayak and other excursions by boat, trekking, ecotourism, restaurants, spas, tea-houses, picnic sites, a naval museum, an art museum, a mate museum, a casino, a crafts fair and an amusement park. More information here.



(Photo by Concepciones Relativistas)

One of the architectural landmarks of the city is the famous Palacio Barolo. Guided tours are available Mondays and Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm and evening guided tours on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 8.30pm includes tasting of an awarded wine and a national delicacy. More information here.

In the evening, stop by La Catedral in Almagro where you can take a tango lesson starting at 7.30 pm or 9pm. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro.


(Passarinhos- Adriana Varejao. Photo by Srta. Bia)

Stop by the MALBA in Recoleta and get a glimpse of the Latin American modern art scene and of Grete Stern and Adriana Varejao’s work. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Recoleta.

Daniel Johnston will be staging a live show starting at 9pm at the popular Palermo Niceto Club. Tickets can be purchased from Monday to Friday from midday to 6pm at Niceto Vega 5510, Palermo.


(Photo by azrasta)

The annual book fair kicks off until the 13th of May and is a great place for browsing, shopping and seminars. The fair’s theme this year is Books as Bridges and there will be a special focus on Dutch literature.

The Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra will be staging a concert at 8.30pm at the stunning Colón Theatre. Tickets here.


(Photo by Adabo!)

Book your place for the full parrilla experience with Parrilla Tour. These filling excursions, which take place in San Telmo on Fridays, will surely leave you satisfied.

In the evening, jazz musician Fabian Zylberman will be presenting his new album at Thelonious starting at 9.30 pm.  Later on, after midnight, the Juan Nevani Jazz Trio will continue to bring music to the night. Salguero 1884, 1st floor, Palermo.

Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by fibroblast)

(Photo by yewenyi)

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.

PM Open air music– Outdoor live music, art and more merge in this new Saturday event which takes place in Palermo from 2pm to 9pm. Paraguay 4905, Palermo

The Colón Theatre will be presenting a free concert by the Philharmonic Quintet who will be playing pieces by Mozart and Schuller. Tickets must be picked up in advance.

On Sunday, Tales of the Cocktail Tour kicks off, promising for three days of cocktails, tango, New Orleans style brunch and great parties. More information here.

Also on Sunday, there will be a Sumo demonstration at the gorgeous Japanese gardens in Palermo starting at 3.30pm. Figueroa Alcorta and Av. Casares, Palermo.

Check-in: Blake

Blake from NYC.

Blake from NYC.

In the second of our Check-In series where Fierro guests talk about their visit to Buenos Aires, Blake, an employee at an investment firm from New York City, recalls the time he visited BA in June 2008.

1. What brought you to Buenos Aires?

Five years ago, three friends and I traveled to Argentina and Brazil to celebrate our friend’s wedding and ticking bachelorhood – this was the trip five years later.

2. Reveal a secret you unearthed about the city while you were here!

Argentines’ secret to partying all night is that they don’t drink that much. But if you’re an experienced partier you’ll have no problems.

3. Which is your favorite neighborhood and why?

Palermo. Big, charming, nice quiet streets, lots of bars and cafes, good for walking around, stays busy late, and there’s lots to choose from.

4. How would you spend the perfect day in Buenos Aires?

Wake up late, lunch, walk, have a couple of drinks with a couple of buds, nap, eat a late dinner, go out.

The Fierro's lush back garden.

The Fierro’s lush back garden.

5. What did you appreciate the most about the Fierro during your stay?

The spacious, well-appointed rooms, but most of all the staff. They’re 100 percent on top of things, are cool nice people that have something to say, and are not constantly up in your face like every other  upscale hotel I have ever stayed at. I also like the garden at the back.


Weekend Spotlight: Tango Festival

(Photo by femuruy)

Visiting Buenos Aires and attending some sort of tango event is a must, and this weekend there is plenty of opportunity to learn a step or two, listen to nostalgic performers and watch the sinuous moves of graceful dancers at the third edition of the annual Tango Festival.

The event will take place from the 19th to the 21st of April in Nuñez and has plenty of fun activities in store for you.

On Friday, the music begins at 6pm with a tango lesson and an opportunity for musicians to show off their skills. At 7pm there will be a screening of a documentary about a new generation of tango enthusiasts and professionals and afterwards, at 8.30pm, there will be a live tango orchestra. The night will end with a performance by dancers Soledad Nani and Yuyu Herrera at 9.30pm, followed by a milonga orchestra at 10pm.

Saturday’s program will place an emphasis on women in tango and will feature shows by Marisa Vazquez at 4.45pm, by Silvina Orozco at 5.30pm, Anita Co at 6.15pm, Gabriela Rey with José Colángelo at 7pm, Claudia Levy at 7.45pm, Stella Diaz and the Señoritas del Abasto orchestra at 8.30pm, and Susana Rinaldi at 9.30pm. There will also be a tango class at 5pm.

On Sunday, the festival will be centered on the independent tango scene. It will kick off at 4pm with La Valentina y el Burlesque Tango and Claudio Cerna, which will be followed by Quintento Negro de la Boca at 4.45pm, Che Lulu at 5.30pm, Tango en Compañía at 6.15pm, Festival independiente de Barracas at 7pm, Festival Tango Queer at 7.45pm, Orquesta Típica La Vidú at 8.30pm, Cucuza Castiello at 9.15pm, and finally, to close the festival, the renowned José Colángelo at 10pm.

The festival is free of charge and will take place at  Av. Libertador 8465, Nuñez.

Malbec World Day

(Photo by Ormando SLR)

If ever a day for celebrating and wine drinking in Argentina, April 17th, the official Malbec day, is it. The deep dark grape originally comes from the Bordeaux region in France where it is used mostly for blending. In Argentina however it has found its optimum soil at the foot of the Andes and the Rio Negro desert in Patagonia and it is used to make some of the country’s premium wines.

To make the most of this perfect excuse to fill up the glass again and again, check out the Malbec World Day celebration starting at 7.30pm at the Puerto Madero Yacht Club or join us at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant for an out of this world tasting menu paired with wines chosen especially by Argentine Sommelier Association President Andres Rosberg. Featured are delicacies such as crunchy lentils, veal sweetbreads and Malbec marinated figs, and a selection of Malbec wines that range from sparkling, white, rosé, to deep dark burgundy and fortified from every wine making region of the country. Book your place at 3220-6820.