Spanish Gastronomy Week

(Photo by Jesus Belzunce)

For the first time, Buenos Aires is celebrating one of its biggest culinary influences, Spanish cuisine, in its first edition of Spanish Gastronomy Week. The event will take place until the 21st of April and includes special tasting menus created by Spanish chefs Beatriz Sotelo Sequeiros and Juan Manuel Crujeiras Lista at Bernata restaurant, Alfonso Santiago Martinez at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant, and Oscar Velasco Martín at NH City.  There will also be films screenings and documentaries at Teatro Sha in Abasto, live music, and an in the dark finger-food tasting theatre performance at the Teatro Ciego, also in Abasto.

At HG Restaurant, Hernán Gipponi and Alfonso Santiago Martinez have combined their talents for the midday and dinner menu, inspired in Asturias cuisine.  Some of the highlighted dishes include Asturias fabada, bonito fish with the presence of classic Spanish ingredients such as olives, aioli and other regional delicacies. Book your place at 3220-6820.

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