Malbec World Day

(Photo by Ormando SLR)

If ever a day for celebrating and wine drinking in Argentina, April 17th, the official Malbec day, is it. The deep dark grape originally comes from the Bordeaux region in France where it is used mostly for blending. In Argentina however it has found its optimum soil at the foot of the Andes and the Rio Negro desert in Patagonia and it is used to make some of the country’s premium wines.

To make the most of this perfect excuse to fill up the glass again and again, check out the Malbec World Day celebration starting at 7.30pm at the Puerto Madero Yacht Club or join us at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant for an out of this world tasting menu paired with wines chosen especially by Argentine Sommelier Association President Andres Rosberg. Featured are delicacies such as crunchy lentils, veal sweetbreads and Malbec marinated figs, and a selection of Malbec wines that range from sparkling, white, rosé, to deep dark burgundy and fortified from every wine making region of the country. Book your place at 3220-6820.

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