Weekend Spotlight: Tango Festival

(Photo by femuruy)

Visiting Buenos Aires and attending some sort of tango event is a must, and this weekend there is plenty of opportunity to learn a step or two, listen to nostalgic performers and watch the sinuous moves of graceful dancers at the third edition of the annual Tango Festival.

The event will take place from the 19th to the 21st of April in Nuñez and has plenty of fun activities in store for you.

On Friday, the music begins at 6pm with a tango lesson and an opportunity for musicians to show off their skills. At 7pm there will be a screening of a documentary about a new generation of tango enthusiasts and professionals and afterwards, at 8.30pm, there will be a live tango orchestra. The night will end with a performance by dancers Soledad Nani and Yuyu Herrera at 9.30pm, followed by a milonga orchestra at 10pm.

Saturday’s program will place an emphasis on women in tango and will feature shows by Marisa Vazquez at 4.45pm, by Silvina Orozco at 5.30pm, Anita Co at 6.15pm, Gabriela Rey with José Colángelo at 7pm, Claudia Levy at 7.45pm, Stella Diaz and the Señoritas del Abasto orchestra at 8.30pm, and Susana Rinaldi at 9.30pm. There will also be a tango class at 5pm.

On Sunday, the festival will be centered on the independent tango scene. It will kick off at 4pm with La Valentina y el Burlesque Tango and Claudio Cerna, which will be followed by Quintento Negro de la Boca at 4.45pm, Che Lulu at 5.30pm, Tango en Compañía at 6.15pm, Festival independiente de Barracas at 7pm, Festival Tango Queer at 7.45pm, Orquesta Típica La Vidú at 8.30pm, Cucuza Castiello at 9.15pm, and finally, to close the festival, the renowned José Colángelo at 10pm.

The festival is free of charge and will take place at  Av. Libertador 8465, Nuñez.

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