Check-in: Blake

Blake from NYC.

Blake from NYC.

In the second of our Check-In series where Fierro guests talk about their visit to Buenos Aires, Blake, an employee at an investment firm from New York City, recalls the time he visited BA in June 2008.

1. What brought you to Buenos Aires?

Five years ago, three friends and I traveled to Argentina and Brazil to celebrate our friend’s wedding and ticking bachelorhood – this was the trip five years later.

2. Reveal a secret you unearthed about the city while you were here!

Argentines’ secret to partying all night is that they don’t drink that much. But if you’re an experienced partier you’ll have no problems.

3. Which is your favorite neighborhood and why?

Palermo. Big, charming, nice quiet streets, lots of bars and cafes, good for walking around, stays busy late, and there’s lots to choose from.

4. How would you spend the perfect day in Buenos Aires?

Wake up late, lunch, walk, have a couple of drinks with a couple of buds, nap, eat a late dinner, go out.

The Fierro's lush back garden.

The Fierro’s lush back garden.

5. What did you appreciate the most about the Fierro during your stay?

The spacious, well-appointed rooms, but most of all the staff. They’re 100 percent on top of things, are cool nice people that have something to say, and are not constantly up in your face like every other  upscale hotel I have ever stayed at. I also like the garden at the back.


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