Top 10 Dulce de Leche Treats

(Photo by Mar Garra)

Dulce de Leche is way up there on the list of Argentine favorites along with Maradona, tango and asados. It’s used on toast for breakfast, popularly chosen as an ice-cream flavor and probably the cause for many a cavity (fortunately the Argentine medical system is pretty decent too).  We´ve told you of the best dulce de leches out there and now, here are the best ways to eat it.

Panqueque de dulce de leche: The French crepe was quickly adopted by the locals and transformed into a typical delicacy with a warm gooey dulce de leche filling. A delicious sweet treat that no DDL lover should miss.

Rogel: This typical Argentine cake is made up of pastry and dulce de leche layers, topped off with rich meringue. A guaranteed hit.

Flan with dulce de leche: Flan is a dessert that was adopted locally from different immigrant influences. The delicious creamy egg based treat is typically eaten with dulce de leche or with dulce de leche and whipped cream (flan mixto). Another similar dessert from Colonial times is Ambrosia, which is said to have been Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s top choice.

Coconut & dulce de leche squares: What could be sweeter than coconut paired with dulce de leche? This sugary afternoon snack is perfect for the sweet-toothed amongst us.

Dulce de leche tablet: These squares of solidified dulce de leche are glorious little sweet treats to eat on the go. Pick one up at a kiosko (Vauquita is their commercial name) or at an traditional alfajor store.

Dulce de leche flavored ice-cream: Probably one of the most ordered ice cream flavors in the country and with variants than include almonds and nuts, double dulce de leche, crunchy cookies, and chocolate chips.

Banana with dulce de leche: This typical Argentine dessert and snack is hard to come across commercially but is ever present in the local households. Its quite simple to make so if you have some Chimbote at hand, mash up a banana, mix it with a spoonful of DDL and enjoy!

Alfajores: The alfajor is a typical sandwich like snack made up of two “cookies” usually filled by, you guessed it, dulce de leche, (although there are variety’s filled with fruit jams and chocolate as well) and covered in chocolate, confectionary, sugar or coconut.

Dulce de leche filled churros and pastries: Churros are crunchy fried pastries usually served with hot chocolate. They’re best when still warm and the dulce de leche melts in your mouth.

By the Spoonful!

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