Argentine Artists: Florencio Molina Campos

(Photo by PuLPo RoCK)

Florencio Molina Campos was one of the most well known Argentine artists in the country, and, with his steady theme of gauchos and pampas, created an emblematic local image.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1891, the renowned porteño illustrator and painter traveled often to his family’s campos during a time when the country was acquiring its identity around the agricultural industry and lifestyle. Molina Campos depicted this in his caricaturesque gauchos and portraits of the local campo life. His first exhibition was at the agricultural society, which president Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear attended leading him to name Molina Campos the new art teacher of the Avellaneda National School.  After that, Molina Campos held exhibits both locally and abroad and is remembered for the illustrations he made for a famous alpargatas brand calendar. He also worked for Disney on small films and on the scenery of Bambi, which was based on the Argentine Patagonia landscapes.

More information about his life, works, exhibits and authorized editions of published works here.

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