Buenos Aires Monuments: Canto al Trabajo

(Photo by wallyg)

Rogelio Yrurtia was one of the most prolific sculptors of the country and was in charge of the stunning monument on Paseo Colón and Independencia. The gorgeous bronze sculpture was commissioned by the Buenos Aires city government in 1907 and was intended for the  Plaza Dorrego square in San Telmo, however it was so stunning that it was moved a few blocks away to the Plazoleta Coronel Manuel de Olazabal where it stands proud today.

The monument, named Canto al Trabajo ( Ode to Labor) is divided in two parts. On one hand a family made up of a man and a woman looking to the future and three children moving forward under their care, on the other hand, a group of men and women sharing the effort of pulling a large rock.  Each of the 14 bronze figures is two and half times the size of a normal human being making this emblematic monument a truly stunning sight.

 More of Yrurtia’s work can be seen at the Museo Casa de Yrurtia in Belgrano which is open from Tuesday to Friday from 1pm to 7pm and on weekends from 3pm to 7pm. O’Higgins 2390, Belgrano. 4781-0385.

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