Argentine Talent: Luis Salinas

(Photo by Alex PC)

Luis Salinas is one if the most prolific contemporary musicians of the country. Known for his superb guitar playing, and his interpretations of tango, folklore and Latin jazz, he has merged the traditional with the new, proving both his talent and ability.

The renowned guitarist, born in 1957 in Monte Grande, at the south of the Buenos Aires province,  he began playing at a young and recorded with artists such as Adolfo Ábalos, Horacio Salgán and Tomatito, amongst others.

Currently, every Saturday throughout June, he is staging live shows at Torcuato Tasso in San Telmo.  On the 15th of June (today), he will play a repertoire of funk, rock, blues and ballads. On the 22nd of June he will play traditional Latin music and on the 29th he will play Latin-Jazz. Tickets are 120 pesos and places must be booked in advance. The shows begin at 10pm, and the public must arrive at 9pm. More information here.

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