The Argentine Independence Day

(Photo by N i c o_)

Some consider the 25th of May to be the local Independence Day, others consider the 9th of July to be the official date, so why one or the other or both?

 The 25th of May commemorates the May revolution that took place in 1810 in which the viceroy was overthrown and the First Assembly created. The 9th of July, on the other hand, commemorates the official day in which the independence declaration was signed in Tucuman in 1816, six years after the May revolution, after a two year war with Spain that wanted its colonies back.

Since then, both dates are considered to be the most important national holidays, although during Rivadavia’s presidency, only the 25th of May was celebrated as his government believed that it was detrimental to commerce and industry to have too many national holidays.  The 9th of July was reinstated as a national holiday during Rosas’ second government and has since been a day for warm locro hominy stew, quince and sweet potato filled pastelitos and folkloric dances.

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