A guest speaks: John from NYC

New Yorker John recently stayed at the Fierro, and dipped into San Telmo and Palermo during his stay. He tells us about his experiences, and why now is a great time to visit Buenos Aires.

1. What brought you to Buenos Aires?
I came to Buenos Aires to see what all the hype is about. I’m from New York but have spent a lot of time in Europe and Asia and with little exception all South American recommendations included time in Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires. I will reciprocate the reco in spades, it is most certainly one of my favorite cities in the world.

John at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant.

John at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant.

2. Reveal a secret you unearthed about the city while you were here!
I think the one unique secret is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money on dinner and drinks to have a great time. Some of the best nights I have had have been at the smaller bars and quaint restaurants off the beaten path. The exchange rate is very strong right now as well. It is a good time to visit.

3. Which is your favourite BA ‘hood and why?
I really enjoy San Telmo. There are some great bars and shops to get lost in on a Sunday afternoon.

4. How would you spend the perfect day in BA?
Staying at the Fierro makes life in BA so casual. I really like sleeping in super late and getting some breakfast from room service, rolling around for some late afternoon coffees, and then getting a nice dinner. The partying goes so late I like to start the day slow and end with a bang.

5. What did you appreciate the most about the Fierro during your stay?
The Fierro has all the little things wired. It’s a unique place because they don’t hassle you the way that the bigger hotels do, but are there to help you with any little problem that you need. It’s a great mix of friendliness and professionalism and I’ve had several stays there and become good friends with a few members of staff. They are young and friendly, and take care of business without you noticing that they are sorting all the details. The wine selections are amazing and the restaurant of marked excellence. During my last visit I had one of the best meals in recent memory at the Monday night One Table family-style dinner.

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