Argentine Talents: Juan Di Sandro

top-5-photos-di-sandro-llegada-del-plus-ultra-1926(Llegada del Plus Ultra, 1926)

Juan Di Sandro was one of the country’s first professional photographers to gain acclaim, and is known as the father of local photojournalism. He was born in 1898 in Italy and moved to Buenos Aires with his family when he was twelve years old. Immediately he began studying photography. By the age of fifteen he was working at La Nación newspaper where he worked until 1977.

His photographs became icons of a country undergoing the construction of its national identity. “Llegada de Plus Ultra” (1926), an emblematic work, marks the arrival of the first aircraft (the Plus Ultra) from Spain to America. He often took aerial photographs and is known for his open shots of the city, including landmarks such as Av. de Mayo and Av. 9 de Julio.

Di Sandro was also a part of a well-known group of professional photographers in the fifties called “la carpeta de los diez” who gathered to discuss and analyze photography. Other renowned photographers from this group include Annemarie Heinrich, Anatole Saderman, Hans Mann, Jorge Friedman, amongst others.

There is currently a photojournalism exhibit taking place at the Palais de Glace until the 2nd of August that features current photographer’s works. Also, coming up in August, there will be a special exhibition at Fundación PROA showcasing emblematic pictures of Buenos Aires through the eyes of photographers and artists.

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