Argentine Talents: Eduardo Falú


Eduardo Falú was one of the most important folklore artists of the country. The guitarist, composer and singer, was known for his warm voice and for combining the traditional sounds of the northwestern region of the country, which is where he was from, and classical aspects of music, which he dedicated his life to studying.

 In the sixties and seventies he became one of the voices of the “nueva canción” in which folkloric elements combined with social protest, although he was less political than other renowned voices of this movement. He also composed music for words by the likes of Borges and Sábato.

Born in Salta, the influence of the region’s indigenous music marked him and he began to learn guitar on his own, at a local barbershop (it is rumored). The renowned artist passed away this past 9th of August at the age of ninety and the traditional sounds of his home and his soulful talent are ever present in his music, a rich addition to Argentine culture.

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