Experiencing the Argentine Experience

Tours in Buenos Aires abound, as is to be expected in any great city, and more and more, services are veering to combining the local cultural element with the experiential aspect of comming together with other travelers to share what makes each place unique. The Argentine Experience has tapped into this dynamic and offer, much as their name suggests, a lot more than a run through typical Argentine food and customs.

In Buenos Aires (because they also offer packages in Mendoza and Uruguay), in their ideal Palermo location (which is 5 blocks away from Fierro Hotel), they carry out two experiences, which can be booked separately or combined. The first is a wine cocktail mixology class that combines a fun olfactive “guessing” game and a demonstration of how to prepare three different cocktails made from, you guessed it, wine. The second is a dining experience which covers everything from making your own empanadas, participating in a creative empanada contest, eating the best grassfed beef in the city, and finally both making one of the typical local sweets, alfajores, and brewing yerba mate tea, a truly Argentine tradition. In between courses, the enthusiastic international tour guides also make great impersonations of Porteños and their unique way of speaking, amongst other idiosincrosies, making for a very engaging evening. Of course, the added plus of all this is that you get to share the dining experience with all the other strange travelers round the table who, clad in an aprons and chef’s hats, turn into quite a fun bunch after all the free flowing top quality wine.

Places can be booked online here or contact them at info@theargentineexperience.com. They also organize group and private events.

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