Argentine Talents: Nazareno Orlandi

(Photo by Guillermo Tomoyose)

Born in Italy 1861 and later nationalized as an Argentine, Nazareno Orlandi was both a prolific painter and muralist.  He studied in Florence and was commissioned by the Argentine government to help remodel the government headquarters in Buenos Aires where he ended up making his home and most of his murals. Some of his best know work can be appreciated at a few of the city’s most emblematic architectural landmarks such as the Casa de la Cultura, the Atenéo Grand Splendid, Teatro La Comedia and Palacio Paz, all well worth visiting for their beauty. He also painted in the San Telmo church and in the San Salvador church on the corners of Tucuman and Callao. His work was not only limited to Buenos Aires as he also participated in the painting of murals in Córdoba and Santa Fé and exhibited internationally wining many awards.

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