Argentine Talents: Alfonsina Storni


Alfonsina Storni is one of the most renowned poets of the Modernist period, and although she was born in Switzerland, since she moved to Argentina at a young age and developed a local literary identity, she is considered an Argentine poet.

She was born in 1892, and when she was four she moved to South America, which would become her permanent home. As a young woman, she worked as an actress touring the country, and later on as a teacher. She was also the single mother of an illegitimate child, and had breast cancer in her adult life. These experiences put her in touch with issues related to the role of women in society and she developed a strong feminist streak that permeated her works. Her poetry deals with themes related to women, love, eroticism, and her later works with thoughts regarding intellect and emotion.

The talented poet, tormented by her illness, finally committed suicide by drowning herself in the sea in 1938.

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