Buenos Aires Monuments: La Puerta Historiada


In Argentina, teacher’s day is celebrated on the 11th of September, as it was the day in which one of the country’s founding fathers known for propelling the Argentine educational system, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, passed away.

La puerta historiada, which stands at Av. Entre Rios 1349 in Constitución, was created in 1933 in his honor, and in honor of all Argentine teachers by sculptor Arturo Dresco. It is the main door of a library dedicated to social sciences and education.

The doorway was sculpted in bronze and consists of eight panels that depict teachers carrying out their tasks in the country’s different landscapes. The most important men in history that contributed to Argentine education, Mariano Moreno, Bernardino RIvadavia, Manuel Belgrano and Domingo Sarmiento, are included in the center of the piece.

Unfortunately, it has been somewhat forgotten and unkept and the neighborhood it’s in is shady and run down, however it is an important local art piece and a significant emblem of Argentine education.

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