Argentine Talents: Atahualpa Yupanqui

(Photo by Patricio Irisarri)

Atahualpa Yupanqui is considered to have been the most important folklore musician of the country.  His real name was Hector Roberto Chavero Aramburu, and the pseudonym he adopted is Quechua for “he who comes from a faraway land to tell something.” The renowned musician was not only a singer, songwriter and guitarist, but also a poet and an author, and is remembered both for his music and his lyrics.

One of the great influences on his work was his second wife Nenette, a French musician who immigrated to Buenos Aires in the thirties. Since she was the artist’s second wife, and at the time they met he was still not divorced, and also because of the strong traditional imprint in Yupanqui’s work and the sexist conditions of Argentine culture at the time, Nenette worked under the pseudonym Pablo del Cerro.  Credited to Pablo/Nenette are 66 songs, most in collaboration with Yupanqui.

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