Feria Masticar 2013

(Photo by Bill Selak)

Masticar means to chew in Spanish and that is exactly what is the MASTICAR fair is all about, chewing on the best local produce and the most delicious food. The annual gourmet food fair, which kicked off very successfully last year, is organized by a young group of celebrity chefs and entrepreneurs who have grouped themselves under the name of A.C.E.L.G.A, which means chard but also stands for the Asociacion de Cocineros y Empresarios Ligados a la Gastronomía.

The fair, which takes place from the 3rd to the 6th of October from 2pm to 11pm on Thursday and from midday to 11pm the rest of the days, features food stands, local products from different regions around the country, cooking classes and lectures. This year there will also be wine and beer tasting and a wine bar, so stopping by is a must, if not to taste some of the delectable cuisine and check out colorful varieties fruits and vegetables, at the very least to sample some of the country’s great wines.

The event will take place at El Dorrego- Distrito Audiovisual in Colegiales, which neighbors with Palermo. Tickets to the fair cost 40 pesos and include free access to cooking classes and lectures (subject to availability). More information here. Zapiola 50, between Dorrego and Concepción de Arenal.

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