Fierro Loves Hollywood: Organic & Green

(Photo by Kimberly Kling (Joyful Roots))

Vegetarian, raw, organic, healthy, natural and green are all adjectives that the Hollywood sector of Palermo has quickly adopted as its own, and in a meat-eating country like Argentina, that’s saying a lot! Below is our selection of (insert preferred adjective from the above list) restaurants. And, a quaint neighborhood market for shopping and some fun.

Bio – The first organic vegetarian restaurant to open in Buenos Aires in 2002 deserves first mention. Their menu offers a variety of flavorful dishes for breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner, and prioritizes the perfect balance between health and flavor. Humboldt 2199, Palermo. 4774-3880.

Artemisia- Run by a couple who are passionate about bringing healthy food to the table, this is a great place to try the seasonal dishes which are made primarily with everything organic.  Gorriti 5996, Palermo Hollywood. 4776-5484.

Buenos Aires Verde- Sustainable living and healthy eating are the pillars of this relaxed restaurant and store where raw dishes, outdoor seating and takeaway are also options.  Gorriti 5657, Palermo Hollywood. 4775 9594.

Meraviglia–  And, close by is another popular green hot spot with organic products to take away, baked goods and a great mostly vegetarian menu that also features fish and of course organic ingredients. Gorriti 5796, Palermo Hollywood. 4775 7949.

Mercado Solidario Bonpland- Three days a week, on Tuesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s, this organic neighborhood market opens to the public offering everything from organic food to cleaning products to a variety of items made by local indigenous communities. There are also cultural activities including live music and artistic events to promote sustainable living, fair trade and community cooperation. Bonpland 1660, Palermo Hollywood. 

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