Fierro Loves Hollywood: The Art Scene

(Photo by kayaker1204)

Palermo is known for being one of the city’s artsy neighborhoods and it is scattered with both galleries and street art.  The Hollywood sector is of course no exception and is also an area where local celebrities can be spotted as many a production company and studio is located in it. Below are some of the galleries to check out when roaming the streets on a color spree.

Braga Menendez brings together thirty top-level artists producing independently and collectively, valuing a commitment to the idea of art stripped of a commercial focus.   Humboldt 1574, Palermo.

Elsi del Rio Arte Contemporaneo– This lively gallery has been around since the year 2000 promoting local contemporary artists and prioritizing the exhibition of works regardless of market tendencies and age. Humboldt 1510, Palermo Hollywood.

Milo Lockett Espacio Arte- A true Palermo-style artist, Lockett is the perfect fit for Hollywood having reached a local celebrity status thanks to his colorful playful art. His art space not only displays his works but showcases others works as well. Cabrera 5507, Palermo Hollywood.

The Foto-Ruta gang, who offer great photography tours and lectures are also located in the P-Holly vicinity, although they are quite antsy and like to take their lenses, and their followers all around the city. More information about their tours here.

Although not strictly in the Palermo Hollywood area, Hollywood in Cambodia deserves a mention. Set atop a Palermo bar, this hip space specializes in street art and is run by street artists. The gallery produces monthly shows and hosts many art related activities. Thames 1885, 1st floor. Palermo.

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