Fierro Loves Hollywood: Outdoor Drink Spots

It’s that time of the year again when bars are packed and sidewalks are full of happy nighters toasting to the warmth of Spring and Summer. Knowing where to go to sip on something whilst the breeze floats about and the music fills the air is a seasonal duty.

El Tiki- Hawaiian inspired motifs in the great Palermo outdoors, plus great drinks, music, and ladies night on Wednesdays make for this bar’s Spring-Summer popularity. Humboldt and Niceto Vega. 4776-4478.

Carnal– Nearby, is this laid back bar that plays reggae, ska and other music to sway and chill out to with a drink in hand at their lovely rooftop terrace. Av Niceto Vega 5511, Palermo. 4772-7582.

Sonoman– A classic Palermo spot, this bar has an ample patio (which fills up fast!) with plenty of seating space for warm evenings, drinks, friends and good music. Fitz Roy 1655, Palermo. 4775-7179.

Soria– This bar is set almost exclusively outdoors and is a place to both sit with friends for fun times and dance the night away. Gorriti 5151, Palermo. 4832-1745.

Ferona Club Social– Ferona is a closed-door bar that combines the best of all worlds including drinks, food, pretty people and a great rooftop terrace! Humboldt 1445, Palermo. 011 6722 6784.

And don’t miss the happy hour at Fierro Hotel‘s garden, every fortnight! Soler 5862, Palermo.

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