Fierro Loves Soho: Top 5 Restaurants

(Photo by Jonathan_W (@whatie))

Palermo Soho has a very broad range of restaurants to pick from although the tendency is towards joints that prioritize fast and on the go, since it’s a popular area where many a shopper wants to stop for a quick bite. However, there are a few gourmet neighborhood gems for the more demanding palates.

Don Julio– Meat eating whilst you’re visiting Buenos Aires is probably on your plans and Don Julio is the perfect place combining a relaxed homey environment, an amazing wine list and top quality meat. Guatemala 4699, Palermo. 4831-9564.

Nola– New Orleans and Mexican inspired gourmet food that might include fried chicken and crawfish are featured in this closed-door restaurant’s four-course menu feast. More information on how to get the restaurant’s secret coordinates here.

Las Pizarras Bistro- A unique concept is behind the ever-changing dishes determined by what Chef Rodrigo Castillo picks daily from the market. The resulting menu is displayed in the evening on chalk boards (pizarras) promising a singular dinning experience imbued with flavors, freshness and overall quality. Thames 2296, Palermo. 4775-0625.

El Preferido de Palermo- This typical bodegon that has been in Palermo since the 50’s has maintained its traditional style despite the areas modern boom.  The restaurant’s specialty is their potato tortilla, and other Spanish influenced dishes. Borges 2108, Palermo. 4774-6585.

Crizia- Crizia’s specialty are oysters and seafood and the dim lighting and romantic setting, make it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner date.  Gorriti 5143, Palermo. 4831-4979. 

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