Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival 2013

(Photo by Dani Alvarez Cañellas)

The Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival kicks off today at 8.30pm in La Boca with a live performance by the renowned Dutch ICP Orchestra. The festival, which will take place until the 25th of November, has become one of the annual favorites in the city, which is not surprising given the vibrant local musicality.

This year, the event features a rich program of both local and international artists including  Jonathan Kreissberg, Darmon Meader, Banda Mantiquiera, amongst others. Also, the festival’s special “Cruces” feature brings together local and international artists to collaborate on the same stage . These concerts will be taking place at Thelonius Club de Jazz and Café Vinilo. La Trastienda, in San Telmo, will be the place to go to for jamming and discovering upcoming artists who will be presenting their new records. Finally, free concerts will be taking place every day at the Centro Cultural Recoleta (which is right next to the Recoleta Cemetery) and at the Parque Centenario. The Centro Cultural Recoleta will also be screening films about jazz..

The full program is available here.  Tickets to International and Cruces concerts must be purchased in advance.

Ron Mueck at Fundación PROA

(Photo by Christchurch City Libraries)

A new exhibit featuring the stunning sculptures of renowned Australian artist Ron Mueck kicked off this past weekend at Fundación Proa in La Boca and will be taking place until February.

The artist, who uses a variety of materials including resin, fiberglass, acrylic and more, creates hyperrealist sculptures of people in intimate, emotional settings, reflecting upon their interiority.

Mueck began his career as an art director for television and film, having worked on films such as Labyrinth and the series The Storyteller. He later transitioned to fine art with the objective of making realistic sculptures that look perfect from all angles, playing with scales and showing a unique expressiveness.

The exhibit is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 7pm. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca.

This Week in Buenos Aires


The Feria de las Naciones fair is taking place until the 25th featuring a great selection of foods and traditions from different countries at La Rural in Palermo. Av. Sarmiento and Santa Fé.

One Table, the city’s top Monday gastronomic event, is the best place to start the week with glorious foods, great wines and a chance to share with lovely people at a unique dining experience. Booking in advance is a must! 3220-6820.


(Photo by crlsblnc)

Stop by the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and check out the stunning sculpture exhibit that’s taking place until the 24th of November. Av. Del Libertador 1473, Recoleta.

Later on, stop by La Catedral in Almagro where you can take a tango lesson staring at 7.30 pm or 9pm. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro.


(Photo by magnuscanis)

The International Jazz Festival kicks off until the 25th of November so make sure to catch some of the outdoor and indoor concerts! More information here.

In the evening, Devendra Banhart will be staging a show at the Gran Rex. Tickets here.


(Photo by jduvall71)

One of the architectural landmarks of the city is the famous Palacio Barolo full of references to poet Dante Alighieri. Guided tours take place from 4pm to 7pm and evening guided tours at 8.30pm include tasting of an awarded wine and a national delicacy.  Av. de Mayo 1370, Downtown.

In the evening, catch the stunning Fuerza Bruta show that is being staged at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. Junin 1930, Recoleta.


(Photo by harold.lloyd)

Book your place for a Foto Ruta Academia tour where you can get to know the city through the lens while benefiting from professional photography tips! More information here.

In the evening, stop for hotdogs and a drink at the posh Verne Cocktail Club owned by Fede Cuco, our celebrated happy hour bartender. Medrano 1475, Palermo.

Saturday and Sunday

(Photo by mikecogh)

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.  info@hgrestaurant.com.ar.

On Saturday, PM Open Air Music will be taking place with live music and more from 3pm onwards at San Pedro de Jujuy 101, Retiro.

On Saturday evening, Cat Stevens will be staging a live show at Tecnopolis. Tickets here.

The Buenos Aires Market, which offers fresh natural products, and organic produce will be taking place throughout the weekend in Belgrano.

Fierro Loves Soho: Dressing Up

(Photo by Fer.Ribeiro)

Palermo Soho is THE place for shopping in Buenos Aires and an array of super stylish boutiques are lined one after the other in the neighborhood’s fashionable streets.  If you’re out and about looking for the perfect fit of something, or shopping for gifts to take back home, make sure to check out some of the following designers:

Women’s wear:

There are an unlimited amount of stores to pick from for the ladies. Some of the better-known and well-respected designers and fashion houses include Juana de Arco, Mariana Dappiano, Nadine Zlotogora, Agostina Bianchi and Cora Groppo. Other popular more mainstream stores include AY Not Dead (more of a rock n´roll aesthetic), Rapsodia (hippie-chic styles), and Vitamina, Paula Cahen DÁnvers, and Chocolate (more conservative, classic designs).

Men’s wear:

The area also features a great variety of clothes stores for men that include the elegant and understated Hermanos Estebecorena and El Burgués, and the colorful hipster havens Bolivia and Felix. Bensimon and Bowen are also popular, and more mainstream stores in the area


Lucilla Lotti is internationally renowned for her gorgeous shoe designs, as is Josefina Ferroni. Handmade shoes are available at Chicco Ruiz and Mishka.

For men, 28 Sport is the place to go for leather shoes with a retro twist.

Unique fabrics:

Although we’re entering the Summer months in the Southern Hemisphere, those who are traveling back to rainy or cold spots should stop by Seco, which specializes in fashionable rain wear, and at Bully, which specializes in cashmere due to its three owners’ fascination with the fabric. Grupo 134 works with ecological fabrics and features great designs for both men and women.

Fierro Loves Soho: Plaza Serrano and Plaza Armenia

(Photo by germeister)

Two small parks are the SOHO epicenters, one is the famous Plaza Serrano (also known as Plaza Cortazar), and the other is Plaza Armenia. They are not far from each other and the streets that line them, and those that fork from them are scattered with boutiques and bars, making it one of the most popular areas for shopping and socializing.

During the weekends, Plaza Serrano also works as a fair and many of the surrounding bars rent out their space to upcoming designers who exhibit their creations and sell clothes at bargain prices.  Plaza Armenia also regularly fills with stalls on Saturdays and Sundays!

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes- Sculpture Exhibit

(Photo by Alaskan Dude)

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Recoleta is hosting a new sculpture exhibit featuring Argentine sculptures from 1895 to 1914, a period in which local art began to consolidate. The collection includes works by renowned local names such as Arturo Dresco, Pedro Zonza Briano, Lucio Correa Morales, Mateo Alonso, Francisco Cafferata, Víctor de Pol, and more, and is part of a first collection of sculptures acquired by the museum’s founder Eduardo Schiaffino. Schiaffino, who was also a painter, was interested in creating a space that would allow students and artists to have direct contact with and exhibit great works of art. He also acquired and commissioned casts of emblematic sculptures, many by Auguste Rodin, Emile Bourdelle and Jules Lagae, some of which are also included in the exhibition.

The exhibit is open from Tuesday to Sunday until the 24th of November.  Av. Del Libertador 1473, Recoleta.

Fierro’s Palermo Hollywood Guide

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