International Artisans Fair 2013


The annual international artisans fair kicks off today at La Rural in Palermo until the 8th of December, and it is a great opportunity to purchase beautifully crafted objects, art and decorations.

The fair exhibits traditional, regional, handcrafted pieces from Latin America and around the world, and more contemporary displays. It is divided into sections offering pottery, basketwork, knives, leather goods, clothes, musical instruments, jewelry, games, woodwork, metals, paper, knits, textiles, glass and more. The best thing about the fair is that you can watch the artisans at work as many of them let you take a peek at the production process. Additionally, there are specially selected pieces that are awarded for their craftsmanship.

If you’re looking for a unique silver encrusted mate to take home, marvel at the meticulous weavers, or think a charango would make a great Christmas present, then a visit to this fair is a must. Tickets cost 35 pesos and opening hours are from 3pm to 10pm.  Av. Sarmiento 2704, Palermo.

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