Hernán Gipponi’s Summer Tasting Menu

It isn’t quite Summer yet but it certainly feels like it, and more so in Hernán Gipponi Restaurant where the new spectacular Summer tasting menu is out. The 7-step food fest includes ingredients from all around the country, which is a way of touring in itself. For starters, some light and fresh summer squash followed by a serving of prawns from Puerto Madryn and vegetables, and then an local classic- tongue in vinaigrette, and a black pudding fritter. Then, for the main course, catch of the day with tomato juice, cancha corn and potato, some lovely organic rice from Formosa province with sassafras, salicornia and baby squid, and of course Patagonian lamb with cherries, sweet potato and pickled turnip. Finally, it’s chocolate, nut and hazelnut pudding for dessert, with passion fruit, lemon and cacao accessories.

The tasting menu is 320 pesos per person with an optional wine pairing for an additional 190 pesos. Hernán Gipponi Restaurant is located in Fierro Hotel in Palermo Hollywood. Book your place in advance at 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

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