Christmas Eve at Hernán GIpponi Restaurant

´Tis the season to be jolly and jolly indeed it will be on Christmas Eve at Hernán GIpponi Restaurant with the festive tasting menu, specially designed for the occasion and fit for Santa himself.

The night will kick off with a selection of delicious appetizers including homemade breads; Chubut prawn; cured fish with cucumber, lentils and yoghurt; vacuum cooked veal tongue with veggies vinaigrette and a blood sausage fritter (a classic local Christmas staple) and finally humita and rabbit in philo pastry with spinach alioli.  After that, a light salad of smoked trout, pickled summer veggies, acidulated cream, leaves and sprouts will be served, followed by a starter of roasted tomatoes, crab, creamy black rice, squid, and Sbrinz cheese. The two main courses, one fish and one meat, will be catch of the day with turnip emulsion, salicornia, courgette seeds, and tomato, and apple-tree smoked steak, confit potatoes, yam chips, and criolla sauce. Argentinian cheeses, chayote, cherries and nuts will be served as a pre dessert, and finally, vanilla pear, Granny Smith apple sorbet, carob with a cardamom cloud will top off a delectable Christmas dinner. All the courses will of course be paired with top of the line Argentine wine. The cost of the menu is 1000 pesos.

This year, HG will also be featuring a children’s menu that will include salamín from Tandil and Sbrinz cheese and Vitel Thonné as appetizers, a starter of 63°C sous vide egg with potato cream, a choice of either catch of the day with creamy rice or sirloin with french fries for the main course, and finally, chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. No wines for the kids of course! And, the cost of the children’s menu is 350 pesos.

We hope you join us in this festive treat on the 24th of December, which is when we Argies carry out the big Christmas celebration, rather than on the 25th.  Remember to book your place in advance at 3220-6820.

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