Holiday Brunch at Hernán Gipponi Restaurant

Hernán Gipponi Brunch is mandatory after the difficult champagne charged hours of waiting for Santa till midnight on the 24th and waiting for the new year on the 31st.  Whether it’s with family and friends, brunch time at HG is always a restorative way to begin the day and also a chance to continue celebrating.

This holiday season, brunch will start off with a fresh plate of fruits and breads and pastries. To follow, a protein packed egg at 63o with rosti potatoes and caramelized onions, and goat cheese, cuartirolo cheese, roasted tomato, aubergines and basil tart. By this time, the coffee and the fresh squeezed juice will have you feeling back to normal and ready for the prawn breaded in panko with alioli and brava sauce; mini pita bread, confit chicken, tomato and greens; catch of the day, baby squids risotto and Sbrinz cheese cream; and braised lamb shank with sweet potatoes and turnip pickles, in that order.  Finally, to end on a sweet summery note, some fresh marinated strawberries and orange with lemon ice cream and coconut crumble.

The menu costs 250 pesos and includes fresh squeezed orange juice, a fruit and vegetable shot, a cocktail of the day,  a glass of wine and coffee or tea. Book your places in advance at 3220-6820.

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