Buenos Aires Parties to Welcome 2014

(Photo by AMWRanes)

Porteños love to party and New Years in the city is perfect to farewell the old and welcome the new in full swing. The following are the hottest options to greet 2014 with tapping feet and brimming glasses!

DJs John Askew and Simon Patterson will be setting the beats of 2014 at Groove. Tickets here.

The largest international crowd will be at the Fiesta Piso Compartido, which reunites hostel guests, travelers and more at Club Niceto from 1.30am onwards.  Tickets here.

If wild parties in outdoor locations are your kind of thing, then head to Quilmes for the Dancing Budhas New Year Outdoor party that will be taking place from 5pm on the 31st to 5pm on the 1st. Buses to and from microcentro will be available to transport partygoers and cost 25pesos. Call 1568967691 for tickets.

At Kika club in Palermo you can also celebrate at their New Year Hype party. Honduras 5339, Palermo.

Another great option (which is, by the way, free) is to stop by Plaza Armenia in Palermo where there will be an outdoor NY party. Surrounding bars will all be open of course! Armenia 1829, Palermo.

A classic NY party hotspot is Pacha, this year (and the beginning of next!) featuring DJ Stefano Noferini. Av. Rafael Obligado 6151, Costanera.

Another popular club in the Costanera area is Mandarine, which will have DJ´s Chris Schweizer, Tomás Heredia, Marcelo Fratini and Amitacek Muska in charge of the music at their New Year Heatbeat party. Tickets here.

Crobar, in Palermo, will also be hosting a special New Year party under the name of Human club. Tickets can be purchased in advance here.

One of our favorite bars, Verne Club, which opened this year and belongs to our in-house happy hour celebrity bartender Fede Cuco, will also be celebrating the New Year with a 5 step tasting menu and music and videos from midnight onwards. Book your place in advance at 4822-0980.

And, to recover from all the heavy partying, don’t forget to book your place at Hernan Gipponi’s special New Year brunch! 3220-6820.

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