Happy New Year

(Photo by SashaW)

Happy New Year to all our guests, collaborators and readers, and here’s to a great 2014! Hopefully we will be seeing you at brunch for some well-deserved TLC after a night of delirious porteño fun. However, if you didn’t book your place in advance and don’t know what to do to stop the headache and woozy morning fuzz, we’ve gathered a few international hangover cures that will surely set you straight.

Amongst our favorite are Haiti’s “voodoo the bottle” which basically consists in pricking the cork of whatever was making you happy last night with some vengeful pins today; Mongolia’s pickled sheep eye and tomato concoction- talk about Bloody Mary-; deep frying a canary- Ancient Roman style-; or some rabbit dropping tea as the cowboys used to do it! Of course, prevention is always best, so next time do as the Puerto Rican’s and rub some lemon under your drinking armpit and remember to book for our super restorative brunch to transition smoothly into the new year!

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