Off the Beaten Path: La Botica del Ángel

(Photo by :Antonio)

Eduardo Bergara Leumann was a prolific actor, artist, couturier and art director who in the 1960s created a unique cultural space called La Botica del Ángel (the angel’s pharmacy) where many local artists kicked off their career. The improvised theater show involved different participants each night, and, upon arrival, spectators were given some wine with something to snack on and a washbowl, setting off an absurd and entertaining evening. The cultural event first took place downtown but then moved to an abandoned temple in Montserrat that Leumann redecorated. Today it stands as a museum with over 33 decorated spaces and features artwork by some of the most prolific local artists including Soldi, Berni, Noé, Minujin, Roux, Castagnino, Gorriarena, Robirosa, Borla, Benitez, Pla, and Lozza, manuscripts by authors like Borges and Sábato, and homages to tango and folklore musicians.

The Botica is managed by the Universidad del Sálvador and can be visited from Tuesday to Friday from 4pm to 6pm. On Thursday and Friday nights there are also live music shows and cultural events starting at 9pm. Additionally, the Centro Cultural Recoleta is hosting a photography exhibit of the Botica years.  Luis Saenz Peña 541, Montserrat.

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