Guest blog: Jocelyn Mandryk’s Buenos Aires

Photographer Jocelyn Mandryk shares her mix ‘n match tips – your wardrobe can complement your cocktail.

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan culture hub of expression; a place where dogs wear onesies, everyone goes by their nickname, and couture can be anything from faux fur to Roberto Cavalli. But when and how to dress while visiting the city that only sleeps during the day? Climate and company are worthy considerations, but I say veto these factors and dress for your cocktail… as in, the one that’s currently in your hand. Here are my favorite liquid BA indulgences and how they fit with your closet.

Hot damn, that Negroni is upstaging me.

Hot damn, that Negroni is upstaging me.

Negroni To offset the ruby red flamboyance of anything made with Campari, both women and men should stick to neutral tones such as beige, off-white, terracotta, or my personal fave, warm greys. You can let yourself go with a shiny pair of shoes to bolster this look. For virgins to the Negroni, this cocktail packs a punch, so your wardrobe doesn’t need to. Be natural, let your skin tone do the talking – guaranteed, your drink will do the rest.

Best places to get one in Buenos Aires: Negroni, Milion, Mundo Bizarro

Don't be bashful with Mary

Don’t be bashful with Mary

Bloody Mary
It’s all about the florals and patterns – this is not a subtle drink, people. It’s Sunday morning brunch at 4pm and it’s time to sober up… and then down again. Dress loud, and use a straw. Ask for extra salt ‘n peppa, and tuck a napkin into your plunging neckline. For the gentlemen, colored socks, or a Hawaiian shirt will be fine. There’s no need for sunglasses as an accessory. We all know you’ve chosen to indulge in your vices on the Day of the Lord and we’re totally cool with it. It’s no time to be bashful.
Best places to get one in Buenos Aires: Florería Atlántico, 878, Hernán Gipponi Restaurant
Fernet 'n Coke - a cocktail or a remedy?

Fernet ‘n Coke – a cocktail or a remedy?

Fernet & Coke
It’s debatable on whether we’d call this a cocktail or a remedy, but nonetheless it’s a liquid staple in Argentina, so if you find yourself drinking one out of a plastic cup or otherwise here’s what you need to wear: Leather (or pleather if you’re on a budget ). You’re not fooling anyone with this drink and an innocent white cardigan, so tap into your rebellious side and go for leather boots, pants, jacket, or even gloves if it’s chilly out. Cross your legs and try not to burp. When your tongue feels a bit numb, just point to the glass and have the bartender bring you another round. No talking necessary.
Best places to get one in Buenos Aires: Anywhere! Everywhere! But Gibraltar, La Puerta Roja and MOTT for mint-flavor Fernet and Sprite are my picks.
You're Betty Draper and everyone wants to be you

B is for Bellini and Betty Draper – and everyone wants to be you

Elegance is the name of the game and it’s time to go a bit more formal. Often served in a Champagne flute as the first drink of the evening, Bellinis should be matched with a pair of diamond studs or a tennis bracelet. For the gentlemen, this is where you wear cuff-links or a dress watch, and maybe even carry a money clip. Go with a classic tones such as black, white, navy or royal blue. You’re Betty Draper going to a polo match and everyone wants to be you – dress accordingly.
Best places to get one in Buenos Aires: Faena Hotel, Gran Bar Danzón, Doppleganger
This drink is fun-loving

This drink is fun-loving

My personal favorite first date preference – consequtive caiprinas…emphasis on the consecutive. This drink is fun-loving and relaxes the mood and conversation. Great for a hot summer’s night or a rainy one where you wish you were in Rio.
Ladies: Skinny jeans, mini skirts, or short shorts and a  brightly colored top. Pony tails, head bands, or tousled long hair pairs nicely. If you’re doing a passion fruit caipi, consider wearing some colorful earrings or lime green accents – you’ll give off a tropical vibe.
Gents: Bermudas, graphic Ts, bright colored polo shirt, maybe a V-neck if you’ve got a nice chest. Your wardrobe shouldn’t look like your trying too hard because you’re sipping on a Caipirinha – you’re already trying hard enough.
Best places to get one in Buenos Aires: Boteco do Brasil, La Fábrica de Tacos, Green Bamboo
jossPhotographer Jocelyn Mandryk is a co-owner of Foto-Ruta. Collages compiled by Jocelyn.

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