Guest Blogger: Florencia’s spicy bites

Asado, check. Empanadas, check. Pizza, milanesas and pasta, check. By now you have covered most of the Argentine cuisine staples and you are in the utmost need of some different porteño flavours that can be found within BA.




la foto 3

You can never go wrong with Korean BBQ. Belen Jung’s Bab offers enough meat to make any Argie feel at home even though it’s located in the heart of the Barrio Coreano. Pork belly (samgyeopsal), skirt steak (anchangsal), marinated beef (bulgogi) and other cuts can be picked from the menu and you get to grill it yourself. In Argentina, the parrilla is usually far from the table and the asador misses all the fun. So it’s quite smart and convenient to have the parrilla set, literally, right on the table. The menu includes loads of veggie banchan (side dishes), kimchi, rice and soup. Best time to go? Korean dinner time, around 6.30/7pm. Moron 3155, Flores.


Fukuro Noodle Bar


Three words: ramen, dumplings, dumplings. In that order. The upcoming winter and the perfect excuse to have some legit ramen soup and quite probably, my favourite dumplings in the whole city. Japanese-inspired stools make it really cool for those who like to eat alone or a 1:1 company. Costa Rica 5514, Palermo Hollywood.


Chan Chan


Spicy Peruvian food with fresh ingredients and at affordable prices. The menu is not very extensive but you will find the basics: ceviche, chicharron, chicha morada and pisco sour. Best at early noon when it’s not too crowded. Hipólito Yrigoyen 1390, Congreso.


Club Sueco


Located on the fifth floor in the barrio of Monserrat, you’d never guess there is a Swedish place. Except if you pass by and see the flag hanging outside. during the week at lunch time, you can find a very attractive executive menu. They offer tastings of salmon, lacha, and during winter their soups are to die for. Tacuarí 147, Monserrat.




Latin American closed-door restaurant. The Colombian siblings who run this place have reached perfection from the moment you sit on the lovely table. The dinner course it has seven steps plus wine which will leave you full and happy. And wanting to come back. Murillo 725, Villa Crespo.


You can follow Florencia on Twitter @Florencia and @140FoodReviews

All photos via Florencia, except Club Sueco (Trip Advisor).

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