This Week: 9-15 June



Pit your wit (and knowledge) against the quiz master at the Pub Quiz Buenos Aires tonight. With three rounds of 10 general knowledge questions and one themed round of 25 questions, you’ll either be breezing through with a perfect score or scratching your head in extreme bafflement. 7.30pm for an 8pm start, La Cigale, 25 de Mayo 597 (corner of Tucumán). 15 pesos.


But, if your neurones aren’t quite up to scratch this evening, head to Pipi Cucu for a soul-gathering jazz piano session. Gera Cerruti will be tinkling the old joanna, this and every Monday evening. Ftom 9.30pm. Ciudad de la Paz 557, Belgrano. Tel: 4551-9314.



Via Rey de Copas

Via Rey de Copas


Some might think it’s crazy that Rey de Copas has just opened up a brand-new terrace in time for winter, but rain or shine, hot or cold, you can still sip on a mojito all year long. Thank goodness for that! Gorriti 5176, Palermo Soho.



Via Fuudis

Via Fuudis


For  an alternative dining experience, look no further than Fuudis. Promising three restaurants in one evening in San Telmo on their monthly barrio tour, diners will dip into Chochán, Amorinda Tutto Pasta and Aldo’s Vinoteca & Restorán over the course of an evening. Sociable and gastronomical at the same time, all foodies will love this night out.



Via Gallery Nights

Via Gallery Nights


Some people might be getting in a right old state about the FIFA World Cup kicking off today, but others will be way more excited at the latest edition of Gallery Nights. With more bubbles,music and art than you can shake a stick at, also catch live music at galleries with extended openings around Recoleta and Retiro. 7pm-10pm. Tonight only.



Via Sabe la tierra

Via Sabe la tierra

The organic and sustainable Sabe la tierra market leaves its regular abode in the northern suburbs and head to Palermo for the weekend. Besides fruit and veg, organic chicken, eggs, wholewheat bread, oil, algas and teas, you can also expect  designers, sustainable businesses, co-ops and NGOs taking part. Galpón de Milagros, Gorriti 5417, Palermo. Today 6pm-11pm, Saturday 11-11pm, Sunday 11am-7pm.



Argentina’s first World Cup game against Bosnia and Herzegovina takes place in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday at 6pm. Catch it  where you can: in all good restaurants, bars, cafés, clothes stores, design stores, shopping malls, plazas…



Also over the weekend at the Planetarium, there is free star-spotting of the galactic kind. Every Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to 8.30pm.  Av. Sarmiento and Belisario Roldán, Palermo.

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