This Week: 7th-13th of September



(Prisma- Rogelio Polesello. Photo by A.Davey)

Check out the MALBA’s current exhibits of Argentine artist Rogelio Polesello, and the other of Peruvian artist Teresa Burga. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

In the afternoon, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm, you can stop by the Fierro Hotel garden and grab a couple of cocktails at the new UCO after office event! 3220-6800. Soler 5862, Palermo.

At 8pm, the BANFF film festival, which screens movies about extreme sports and mountaineering, will take place at the Hoyts Dot cinemas. Vedia 3626, Saavedra


The best of upcoming and emergent Argentine art will be on display the whole week at the Bienal de Arte Joven which kicks off on Tuesday until Sunday. Find the full program here, and don’t miss the free Juana Molina concert at Centro Cultural Konex at 9pm!


gilberto gil

(Photo by Back2Black Festival)

The Fundación PROA Daros Collection, which features contemporary Latin American art, is well worth taking a look at if you’re in the La Boca area. Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929, La Boca. 

Later on, Croatian pianist Goran Filipcec will be playing at the Palacio Paz Piano Wednesday sessions that are taking place throughout September at 7.30pm.  Santa Fe 750, Retiro

In the evening, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil will be staging a live show at the Luna Park Stadium. Not to be missed! Tickets here.


buenos aires

(Photo by José María Pérez Nuñez)

The sunny Thursday forecast should prove perfect for exploring the city coast on a sailboat! More information here.

In the evening, a new Gallery Nights event will be taking place from 7-10pm in the Retiro and Barrio Norte areas. Make sure to stop by for champagne and a glance into the local art scene!

Or, if you didn’t catch the Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil concert on Wednesday, get your tickets for their Thursday function here!



(Photo by Alejandra Garcia)

Urban Running Tours are perfect for the sporty types. Those that prefer to eat will certainly enjoy a Parrilla Tour. Otherwise, for something cultural and really typical, try a fileteado porteño tour at 2pm and find out more about this unique local art style.

Later on, stop by the Centro Cultural Recoleta and catch one of the stunning Fuerza Bruta shows. Tickets here. 

Saturday and Sunday


(Photo by Marcos Mendoza Saavedra)

Book your place at UCO´s unique weekend brunch, with a great Irish version as well! 3220-6800Soler 5862, Palermo.

The annual electronic Moonpark Party will take place on Saturday. Get your tickets here!

If the weather is nice, a day trip to Tigre is a must while you’re in Buenos Aires. You can try a water sport, stop by the Mercado de Frutos where you can purchase local goods, go on a rollercoaster ride, and even place your bets at the local Casino. Explore on your ownor try a tour!

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