Alternative Easter Celebrations in Argentina

easter egg


Easter and its corresponding four day long weekend is coming up, which means peaks in touristic activity and a lot of Easter related events and festivities. Some traditions associated to Easter in Argentina include reenactments of the Via Crucis, and typical foods including the rosca de pascuas, Easter eggs and other fish and chocolate dishes. Some cities, however, give this traditional Christian celebration a little twist.

In the Patagonia region, in Puerto Madryn, the Via Crucis is carried out underwater with scuba divers and a priest that uses a hydrophone to narrate the events. The festivity culminates with a big bonfire and a choir once the Cross reaches the shore.

Close by, in the province of Río Negro, Bariloche celebrates its Chocolate Festival. This idyllic city surrounded by lakes and mountains is famous for its chocolate and Easter is the perfect excuse to place a giant chocolate egg in the town square and share it on Easter Sunday!

To the north of the country, there is a special Gaucho Via Crucis in San José de Metán in the province of Salta. Another alternative practice in the Calchaquí Valleys is the burning of Judas which consists in lighting a Judas doll stuffed with fireworks in the town square.

For those staying in Buenos Aires, Uco Restaurant is offering an Easter menu that is not to be missed and includes a spicy ceviche! Book in advance at +5411 3220 6820. There is also a Via Crucis that takes place in Avenida de Mayo, and a famous Via Crucis that takes place in the rural town of Tandil, well worth visiting also for its landscapes and cheeses. More information about Easter celebrations in Buenos Aires can be found here.

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