5 Spots to Learn Tango in Buenos Aires

tango championshipPhoto by Peter Forret

With the Tango Championship taking place until the 15th of May, tango related events in the city abound, and surely, after watching some of the city’s best dancers perform, you will be tempted to try out some dancing yourself. Of course, the Championship program includes lessons, but in case you want to further your instruction, here are 5 spots for tango lessons in Buenos Aires.


Milongas are dance halls or events where people get together to spend the night tangoing. Most of them offer lessons before the event starts and our top three picks are:

La Viruta

This spot offers tango lessons, but also lessons to dance other styles such as Rock n’ Roll and Milonga per se (which is also a dancing style). On Sundays, from 6pm to 8pm you can also head over to practice with a live orchestra. Armenia 1366, Palermo.

La Catedral

 An easy going spot with great ambience where younger tango crowds go to take a lesson, stay for a milonga, or grab a vegetarian bite. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro.

Confitería La Ideal

Although it is temporarily closed for restorations, this traditional tango spot which has been open from 1912 is a lovely place to take a lesson, stay for a tango show or just to stop for coffee in the afternoon. We will update when it reopens. Suipacha 384, downtown. 4328-7750.

Private Lessons

Another option for tango lessons is to book private lessons. Lucía and Gerry have over twenty years of experience dancing tango, and always get great reviews (more information here). Alejandro Gee is another great option to take either English or Spanish tango lessons, and he has an interesting approach to the dance as he comes from a tanguero family and is a psychotherapist as well (more information here).


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