Winter in Argentina: Top 5 Activities and Attractions

In the southern hemisphere, winter has just unpacked its wind and chill, and from the end of June to the end of September, it will be making its annual rounds through the different Argentine regions, bringing snow and skiing opportunities in some regions, and in others, just providing a good excuse to curl up with a book and some hot chocolate. Below, find our pick of top 5 winter activities and attractions in Argentina.

  • Skiing:


(Photo by Andre Charland)

With the Andes Mountains bordering the whole west of the country, there are plenty of options for skiing in Bariloche, Nequén, Chubut, Mendoza and Ushuaia. Find a more detailed description of ski resorts in Argentina here.


  • Perito Moreno Glacier:

perito moreno

(Photo by Ricardo Cabral)

Although it is the coldest time of the year to visit this stunning glacier in Calafate, it is also when the wind is lowest and the sky is clearest. Not to be missed.

  • Wine tasting in Mendoza:

winter vineyards

(Photo by Michael Evans)

Mendoza is one of those provinces that are great all year round, and winter is great for skiing on one hand, but also for cozying up with different wine varieties and succulent winter meals in front of the fireplace with the Andes Mountains as a backdrop.

  • North of Argentina:


(Photo by David Ramos)

The winter months are the best to visit Salta, Tucuman and Jujuy, the stunning provinces to the north of Argentina. The temperatures are mild, and it is less rainy than in other seasons, so it’s perfect for exploring the beautiful landscapes. Plus, the indigenous culture is lively and colorful, and the typical dishes are warming and comforting for chilly evening dining.

  • Iguazú Falls:


(Photo by madrioso)

Although the flow of the falls is not at its peak, during this season there are clearer skies and less rain so the visibility is better. Plus, even though it is a tropical region so it never gets “winter cold”, it is definitely not as hot as other times of the year, and it is less crowded too.

In Buenos Aires, this is the best time of the year to visit traditional cafés, theatres, restaurants and bookstores, all of which the city is well known for.

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