Yoga in Buenos Aires



For anyone with an avid and enthusiastic yoga regime, the possibility of taking lessons while traveling is generally appealing and often necessary. Here are some spots that cater to the yogi needs of both locals and travelers in Buenos Aires.

In English

Buena Onda Yoga, located in San Telmo, Cañitas and Palermo, is the most well-known bilingual yoga center in Buenos Aires and offers a variety of styles in both Spanish and mostly English and also hosts occasional moonlight yoga events that are also great for meeting people and enjoying some vegetarian cuisine.

Yoga Flow Palermo offers private tailor-made lessons, and coordinates outdoor yoga events. More information here.

Bihkram Yoga

For the brave that like to sweat it all out, the Bihkram Yoga Center in Palermo is the best known spot for hot yoga. Av. Las Heras 3541. More information here.

Iyengar: Yoga Sadhana

Focusing on the Iyengar yoga techniques, Yoga Sadhana offers classes with all the necessary elements for different body needs, albeit in Spanish. Another plus, they’re close to the hotel, on Carranza and Paraguay. More information here.

Yoga Retreat

If you’re looking for a getaway for some yoga and meditation in a natural environment, then Eco Yoga Park is the place to go nearby the city in General Rodriguez.. Classes are generally in Spanish although it is possible to book in advance for groups who want them in English. More information here.

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