Argentine Photographers To Watch For

BAPhoto will be taking place until the 16th of October and promises to be one of the BA artistic events of the spring. The local photography scene has been growing over the past years and is now well established in the city, which now has it’s own photo library (FoLa). Below, we include a list of some upcoming Argentine photographers and artists to watch for!

Lihuel González


From the series Sus casas (Their Houses)

Video artist and photographer Lihuel Gonzalez captures the intimacy of people’s lives and their relationship to their personal surroundings while also exploring themes such as isolation, memory, detachment and the physical aspect of the body interacting in space. Look at her collection of photographs here.

Sofía López Mañán


From the series Impermanencia (Impermanence)

This young Argentine photographer takes her experimentation to the limit by documenting a 21 day fast or the process of cutting her hair as a way of renouncing to something. Check out more of her work here.

Santiago Porter

Evita and Perón sculptures decapitated by the military in 1955 in the sculptor’s studio.

Santiago Porter captures elements of historical processes by documenting the appearance of monuments and public buildings, or what is no longer there. Check out more of his work here.

Arturo Aguiar

sleeping-beauty Entre luces y sombras y el encanto de los santos (Between light and shadow and the charm of saints)

Arturo Aguiar is known for his mysterious and dramatic landscapes and characters which he captures in the midst of contrasted light settings with unique colors. Find more of his work here.

And, if you’re a photo enthusiast, you can book one of Foto Ruta‘s photography tours as well.

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