We Recommend: Sudeste Kayak Tours

Now that the weather is warmer and that the flowers are in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to get to know the outdoorsy side of Buenos Aires, and a Tigre kayak outing to experience the delta from the waterfront should definitely be on your list of musts, if it already isn’t!


Sudeste, in reference to the South East winds which make the tides grow, and also to an Haroldo Conti novel, is run by the delta savvy Martin Schoo, and offers the chance to go kayaking in either half day or full day tailored excursions that include equipment, instructions, and a mate, fruit and pastry rest in the shade after the half day, or an asado if you’re willing to go the whole way. Plus, you get a lot of information about the unique geography of the river estuary, and some interesting anecdotes that Martin can share with you about living in this savage habitat. Sudeste also offers night tours, which is perfect for full moon lovers and the more adventurous lot.


Recommendations include that you go on a weekday, when it is not so crowded, that you take sunscreen and mosquito repellent, that you wear something comfortable and fresh, and that you take a spare dry change of clothes for the return. Requirements are few, no previous rowing experience is necessary, but you do need to know how to swim and to have an overall good fitness level.

For more information and maps of paddling areas go to Sudeste’s webpage here, follow them on Facebook here, or contact them directly at martin@sudeste-kayak.com.ar,   (+5411) 15 38 604018.

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