Food Trucks in Buenos Aires

Food Trucks are one of the latest culinary trends in the city and offer the chance to grab a quick, albeit top quality, gourmet bite outdoors.  They are present at festivals, pop up events and weekend venues such as the Olivos port in the suburbs, The BA Market and Feria Masticar. Most of them are a way for restaurants to promote their cuisine while making it mobile and accessible. They are also good photography subjects.


(Roger Schultz)

This weekend, the Buenos Aires Market will be taking place at the Olivos port, in the outskirts of the city. If you are feeling adventurous and want an off the beaten path activity, heading to the suburbs could be an interesting option. The antique fair at the Barrancas Tren de la Costa Station is well worth the visit, the Cathedral in San Isidro is also an interesting spot, and after lunch at the Olivos port you can also take a relaxing catamaran ride.

puerto-de-olivos(Photo by Jose Carrizo)

The Buenos Aires Market will also be taking place in Parque Rivadavia which is in the downtown Caballito neighborhood and is well known for its vintage book and record fair that also takes place in the park during the weekends.


(Federico Eduardo Ratier)

Another option is stopping by the Food Fest BA that will be taking place at La Rural in Palermo this weekend with plenty of regional products, gourmet stands and a wide variety of food trucks.

Also, don’t miss the Beer in BA event this weekend at the Hipodromo racetracks in Palermo where you can sample different beers and catch one of the horse races.

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